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Spring & Fall Lawn Clean Up

Keep Your Harford County Bel Air Lawn Healthy & Beautiful At All Times of The Year!


Fall CleanupSpring:

As soon as the spring bulbs emerge here in Bel Air Maryland and the buds on your trees start to pop out, it is time to start the clean up from winter. In the spring we start by cleaning up sticks out of the turf areas, landscaped beds and hard surfaces. Then we clean up any remaining leaves that may have blown in from the neighbors yards. Additionally, we remove any dead foliage from perennials from the previous year.


Leaf Removal: Cleaning up the leaves is one of those chores around the house that not many people enjoy, not to mention, raking leaves can be very time consuming. JSM Lawncare, has been doing Bel Air leaf removal for over 10 years. Our professional leaf removal equipment and years of experience allows us to collect and remove leaves from all areas of your property efficiently and effectively. Every fall, leaf clean up depends on what the individual clients want and the total amount of leaves. Our services range from a single cleanup that includes removing all leaves from turf areas, landscaped beds and hard surfaces. We also offer clean ups as often as weekly. Weekly clean up services are designed for heavily wooded areas. Due to the amount of leaves, some properties are easier and more cost effective to clean up, more than once. We offer total removal of leaves, that we haul away to be recycled. We can also blow the leaves to a wooded tree line.

When you allow the leaves on your grass to stay for a longer period of time it can do some serious damage to your turf, leaving it open for insect infestations and disease problems. Grass needs sunlight and oxygen, without these the turf could die.

If you have a fescue type grass, it is very important to keep the leaves off it, especially if you plan to aerate and over-seed in the fall.

Bel Air Lawn Clean Up & Leaf Removal: Serving most of Harford county, including, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, and Abingdon. However, please ask about your area.


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