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Pruning & Hedge Trimming

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Professional Pruning & Hedging Services With Local Knowledge Specific to the Harford County & Bel Air, Maryland Ecology

A wide variety natural shrubs and hedges can be found all over Harford County and Bel Air, Maryland. Over grown shrubs can be very unsightly. Don’t let your hedges and shrubs grow out-of-control. Well maintained and manicured hedges and shrubs are healthy hedges and shrubs. Don’t wait until you have unhealthy, scraggly, hedges or shrubs before having them pruned or trimmed. Your Harford county home or business is one of your greatest assets. Allowing us to maintain your hedges and shrubs will help protect your investment. However, every shrub can’t be trimmed at any time of the year. We bring the local area knowledge of when each plant can be trimmed. Not only does the time of year effects when you can trim a shrub, the temperature, drought conditions, and the method of pruning also make a major difference. Cleaning up the debris after a shrub has been trimmed can be almost as important cosmetically as trimming the shrub itself. We pride ourselves with the overall cleanness of the job sight when we are finished trimming the shrubs.

Bel Air Pruning & Hedging : Serving most of Harford county, including, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, and Abingdon. However, if your area residence was not listed, please give us a call 410-836-8057 or contact us.


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