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Mulch doesn’t just add to the beauty Mulching Bel Air MDto a Harford County landscape. Indeed Mulching provides a layer of consistent color and interesting texture to the landscape beds. Mulching also is one of the most important things that can be done to maintain the health of plant material.  Mulch can be an organic or non-organic material that is spread on the soils surface around trees, plants and shrubs.

Each type of mulch has its pros and cons and will work better depending on the situation.

Natural Hardwood Mulch

natural hardwood mulching bel air md

Natural Hardwood Mulch is the most common mulch and it is the most beneficial for plant material


Dyed Mulch

colored mulch bel air md

Dyed Mulch is growing in popularity.  However, plants don’t get nearly as much benefit. Rocks such as river rounds may give the appearance that you are looking for, however, plant material will not receive a lot of benefit at all.

Live Mulch

 live mulch bel air md

Live Mulch that does not compete with tree roots, like a ground cover, will also benefit larger trees and shrubs.

There are many benefits of properly mulching shrubs and trees:

For moisture control: During our long dry summers, mulch retains moisture from evaporation around plants and their root systems, and requires a lot less watering.  An added benefit of keeping the soil moist under the mulch is that it allows the soil to not dry up and crust over, so that when it does rain, the water goes directly into the ground where it is much needed.

For weed control: In the growing season, a nice healthy layer of mulch will help prevent germination of weed seeds.  By applying a thick layer of wood mulch, you are blocking the light that the weeds seeds need to germinate. The mulch will also prevent the weeds from coming in contact with the soil which means they will never grow.

For soil enrichment: As natural hardwood mulch decomposes, it enriches the soil with natural organic matter.  This organic matter can help plant material by adding natural nutrients and by enabling the ability of the soil to retain moisture.

For Thermal Insulation: Applying mulch over the root system of plants will provide an insulation layer that protects roots from extreme cold or hot temperatures. Ground surface temperature for soils that have been mulched is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Mulching protects the surface soil from being eroded by the impact of rain water. It also provides a good environment for earthworms and other organisms that improve the fertility of the soil.

JSM Lawncare starts by edging the border between the mulch bed and either the grass or any other hard services.  Then we will haul away the discarded soil to leave behind a nice crisp edge.  The edging will be done with a mechanical edger where applicable and a hand held edging shovel will be used in other situations.  After edging we apply a nice thick layer of the customer’s desired mulch.  Finally, the entire site will be cleaned of all debris.


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