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lawn aeration Lawn Aeration is way more than simply putting a hole in the ground. When Aerating, a plug of soil about ¾ inch wide, and 2 to 4 inches deep, is pulled out of the lawn. The plug is then left on the surface of the turf to naturally break down and return to the soil. This service can possibly be the most important action that can be done for a green lush lawn. The soil in this region is primarily hard, compacted clay. Aerating can helps to loosen up the top few inches and allows the lawn to flourish.

Lawn Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to get down to the grass roots where they can do the most good. The roots will end up reaching into the aeration holes for the air, water, and nutrients. The more stronger and healthier the root systems, the more stronger, healthier, and greener the grass leaves. Healthier turf will handle our hot and dry summers better.
An additional benefit of lawn aeration is the reduction of thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead grass at the base of grass plant near the root system. Too much thatch can cause health issues to the turf. Pulling plugs and leaving holes in the thatch helps it to break down naturally so that it can’t choke the grass at the bottom of the plant. This will also significantly reduce the risk of disease in your lawn.

When JSM Lawncare aerates a lawn, we always use an aerator that pulls plugs. It is important not to use a pin punching system. It will compact the soil and actually do more damage than good. It is very important to always pull plugs. It is strongly encouraged to have us spread seed at the same time we aerate. This will allow the turf to become fuller and denser. At the same time we also spread a seed starter fertilizer. Finally we clean debris from all hard surfaces.

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