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Grass SeedingThe best time to seed a lawn, that is mainly a sunny lot in our area, is in the fall, specifically, in September and October. In the fall we receive a lot more rain than we do in the middle of summer. Consequently, it is expediently more beneficial to seed in the fall, it requires less watering and the new grass roots continue to grow deeper into the fall. Winter is normally not as stressful to the turf as the middle of summer.

The best time to grass seed a Harford County Bel Air lawn, that is mainly a shaded lawn is in early spring, specifically, Mid-March through April. Planting seed in the fall, in a heavily wooded lot, can be very hard due to the leaves falling. If the leaves aren’t removed quickly enough, the new seedlings can be smothered under the leaves. Furthermore, the act of continuously removing the leaves can disturb the seed from ever germinating. In the early spring we receive enough rain to allow the turf to hold on through the summer. Some extra watering may be needed in the middle of the summer.

Bel Air Grass Seeding: Serving most of Harford county, including, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, and Abingdon. However, please ask about your area.


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