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Harford County & Bel Air, Maryland’s Professional Lawn Cutting Service Provider

We originally started off as just a simple Bel Air lawn service business, before branching out to become nearly a full service Harford County lawn maintenance company. We have been cutting lawns in the Bel Air area of Harford County, MD for over a decade. In an average year we start our weekly lawn cutting in April. We normally mow grass all the way through October. However, we will adjust the season according to the weather every year. We pride ourselves in only cutting the lawn when it is needed to maintain a healthy lawn. We use 100% commercial grade equipment that is maintained often for a quality cut lawn. We also try to change the direction we mow the yards from week to week where it is possible. This is important to try to lower the risk of compaction and to reduce stress from heavy traffic on turf in localized areas.

Our weekly service includes:

  • Mowing Bel Air Grass lawns at a height of 3”- 4”. Most of the turf in our area is fescue, which prefers to be mowed higher than most other grasses. Mowing higher will also assist in weed prevention and drought tolerance. However, every lawn is evaluated independently for a proper mowing height.
  • We string trim around all obstacles in the lawn.
  • Edge all concrete sidewalks, curbs and driveways; where applicable.
  • We always completely clean all hard surfaces with a blower.
  • We cut commercial and residential lawns in these main areas: Bel Air, Abingdon, Forest Hill and Fallston. We have been able in the past to reach some adjacent areas, depending on our mowing route. Please just ask about your area, we just may be able to reach out to your area.
  • Many of our lawn maintenance clients also choose a few of our other services: Lawn Fertilizing Program, Core Aeration / Over-seeding, and Spring / Fall Leaf Removal & Clean Up.

Combine all of the above services for a complete well rounded maintenance program for quality turf health.

Bel Air Lawn Mowing Service: Serving most of Harford county, including, Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill, and Abingdon. However, please ask about your area.


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