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Fertilizers & Weed Control : Its All About the Timing

When using Fertilizing applications for weed control its all about the timing.


  1. The first application of the year, if it has pre-emergent weed control products in it, can’t be done too early in the season.harford county md weeds If it is applied too early in the season, your Harford County lawn can have mid-season crabgrass break through.
  2. When pre and/or post emergent weed control products are applied, it is important to make sure that there is not new grass seed germinating. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the new grass seedlings have been cut 3 times.
  3. When applying pre-emergent weed control products, it should be done before it rains. This allows the product to be watered in.
  4. When applying dry post emergent weed control products, the grass should be wet to allow the product to stick to the weeds better. Then it shouldn’t rain for approximately 3 days to allow the product to stay on the weed leaf.
  5. Post emergent products shouldn’t be applied too early in the season. Some weeds germinate later than others and this would require another application of post emergent products.


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